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Music Matters
Music is part of our lives. It's everywhere - in the car, in the shopping-centre, in the home. I belong to a generation that grew up with music, beginning with clandestine tunings into 208 Radio Luxembourg, through the pirate off-shore radio stations, via the Woodstock Festival, to the blandness of Radio One. We were the youth who lovingly carried their latest Psychedelic or Progressive Rock albums under their arms, listened attentively at each other's houses, and actually knew something about the music and artists that we listened to. Unlike many of my contemporaries, I have not made the quantum leap to classical music, my feet firmly rooted in the late sixties. I know from blog searches that there are many of my kind out there, and many more who would like to rediscover their halcyon days, including some of today's youth who are interested in musical roots and perhaps what their parents are listening to. Here are some places to start your adventure.

Music Database

CD Database

Sixties Psych Streaming Radio

If you are particularly interested in the music and culture of the late sixties, as I am, you might also like to look at these:

Live Plasma (music and movie search)
Tuneglue Audiomap (interactive radio)
Musicovery (interactive radio)
Toffee Sunday Smash
Fusion 45 (ready-made playlists online)
Beyond the Beat Generation (radio)
Hippyland (for hippies, young and old)
Sixties City (all about the sixties)
Groovy Times (another sixties site)
Psychedelic Music (music)
Psychedelic Shack (music and literature)
Marmalade Skies (British psych music)
Turn me on Deadman (radio station and news)
Digital Meltdown (blogroll)
History of Psychedelia (BBC radio documentary)
DigitalDreamDoor (lists)
CD Covers CC (CD covers)
Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs
Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums
The Archive (history of UK rock festivals)
Concert Vault (rock concerts online)
Alaska Jim's Music Charts (music charts)
Rocklists (lists)
Lyrics Freak (song lyrics)
Rock Wisdom (quotes)
Bomp Online Record Store (oldies specialists)
Album Cover Art Gallery

and if by some small chance you happen to live in Turkey, as I do:

Turkish Psych
MusicMoz Turkey


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